Find Your Heart A Home

Caught a soggy paper as it blew 'cross my path
As I walked to work in the rain
Tales of war like none before and bleak aftermath
Helpless victims suffer again
Times are getting tougher for the man on the street
But the ladies there are doing quite well
Black lace and leather and a fun place to sleep
Roll the dice and wake up in hell

Comes a time to realize that life ain't what it's cracked up to be
So what's it mean to really be free?
You've got to find your heart a home

Crawling from the wreckage of another romance
Broken hearts lie dead on the street
Dust it off, put it back, wait for the next chancee
Funny how those wounds never heal
Setting sights on future nights, but when they arrive
Its just a case of more of the same
Doing everything it takes to merely survive
Flee the pan and fall to the flame

The evil you see looks just as evil to me
The only difference is I know the reason
And all the prophets of doom are not a minute too soon
Its no secret that we're in our last season
And the words that we write; we make darn sure that they bite
Although we know that they could get us in trouble
But there's a serpent in town who wants to push you around
We think its time we busted his bubble