Barikad Crew

The Damned Ship

By the sun , against the wind , we are crossing the seven seas
Mighty men are undertaking a neverending trip
Side by side , day by day , incessant is our fight through the hazes
Let us free , donâ??t forget , we are soldiers of fortune of nobody slaves

We strike the evil enemies , our fury is divine
The swallowed worlds discovering , weâ??ll drift until weâ??ll die

Thunderstorms , rainbow bridges , are testing our strenght every day
Tell me God , whatâ??ve we done to deserve this awful fate

The fearless crew is going to face the violent tide
No boundaries, no limits we will break the lines
The brightness of the dawn to see , an ancient rite we celebrate

Against the piratesâ?? violence solution is to win
Speed monster of the oceans set us under siege

We are hunted by everyone , the smashing challenge rules
Without the needful help of God , the damned ship still moves