Gave at the office

He holds out his hand
Can you spare some change ?
I say I got a job, just do the same
He's hungry, sad and cold
Plain out of luck
But I won't give a dime
I don't give a fuck

I buy the morning paper
And the headline read
A DC10 crashes, 200 dead
Am I supposed to make sense
Of this tragedy ?
Who cares ?
Last week it was 250

Sorry if I don't
Shed a tear or two
Shit always happens
What am I to do ?

Save the whales
Save the seals
Save the trees
Save the kids
Save the world

I park my brain on neutral
And I watch T.V.
They show me starving kids
And more sick babies
I nod my head and think aloud
Oh, what a shame !
It's time to change the channel
And enjoy the game

I hear noise coming from my
Next door neighbor's place
Sounds like he's insisting
That she know her place
I gotta act now
And solve this problem
I push on my remote
Where it says volume