A thickened mist coats the night
Darkness, blackened, hindered sight
Icy assassins of Utgard attack
Hammering, hacking, our gods attack

Storm the frozen army, fight
Deadly meeting of electric light
Revelations, ending nations
Faded visions, our dedications

Ragnarok, Ragnarok
Clap of thunder in heavens above
Ragnarok, Ragnarok
Valhalla spills its fallen ones
Ragnarok, Ragnaork
Valkries hover in their flight
Ragnarok, Ragnarok
War rides high in blood tonite

Reaper's sickle swaying near
Ghastly shows now appear
Earthly inferno, smoke and fire
Truly a garden, unearthly desire

Bow strings humming, all in tune
Guided by their sacred runes
Armageddon can't be denied
Gods and men, side by side

Winged fighters fly overhead
Valkries carry off our dead
Clashing swords, sacred words
Loyal fighters, betraying lords

Unholy avengers of evil dead
Capture immortals, they behead
Among the battle a hush arise
War god Odin loses his guise

Armies of ice, shattered and cracked
Utgards finest, melted and hacked
Immortals rise, to Valhalla ascend
Gods and men, feasting to no end

The human race has all been lost
Two are left of this battles cost
One woman and one man are alive
A new beginning has now arrived