Bare Assed

Catacumba (translation)

I wanna know
All the things
That you dont want
To show
All of the ways
Your blood circulates
In your veins
That caused so many
Damages (in me)
My hidden friend,
Can i depend on your hand
Can i trust
What it says to me
Orgy, seduce or averse

My green eyes are too
Blind to see your light
Labirynth, so many
Corridors and gates
I belong to gods hand
And their own will
Pretend i accept that way

Im trying to create
The map of you

Im discovering
Fields where no one has
Been before
My catacumba,
I meet my former lives

One way
Follow the footsteps
One way
Dont look behind you
Go ahead dont be scared
I will wait there for you

Inside your mind