Barbra Zinger


Don't explain yourself
Doesn't matter reasons why
I just assume you leave and never say
I just assume you go
I could feel your sympathy
And there's a pity in your eyes
Well do you think you mean so much to me
Do you think I'll be die
Well you go and your play
But don't ever think a minute that you took
My love away
Well I know I said a lot of things
But forever reallly means until the day ends
And that's tonight, it's gonna be tonight
I've been turned around
And unsure of what to do
But like natures streams that wash away
We must left it through
You just can't disguise there's a hardness
In your eyes
And we'll never know how much we had
Until it's far behind
And I'll remember the days I spent with you
Never to lose
I know you said a lot of things
Forever really means until the day ends