Barbie's Cradle


I was never really optimistic about this love thing
The silence and the moon were my concern
Then you helped me to decide
How the world would be much better
When seen by two

Everything around me then
Was worthy of this gamble
Naïveté became my faithful guide
And i appeared so fragile
You couldn't even lay a finger
So beautiful is all I felt inside

But you run out of pretty things to say
And decided to slowly slip away
Without explaining just to spare my feelings

Now you tell a story of a kiss that never was
And how I became the crime and you the committer
And how we lost different battles

You stab me with a rusty knife
That lay for two years there
But it cut a wound so deep
That i remember all nights I lay awake
Staring at artificial stars on my ceiling
Wishing pain was artificial too?

And i'm grateful for your apology
But it's a little too late
Cause you've already killed me
Things are different now
I'm so different

Now that you tell me that you love me
Should I believe you?
Forget the past and live for today
And if you kill me once again
I don't know if I can forgive you
But this feeling's so right
I think were alright
In loves rebirth?