Barbecue Bob

Yo Yo Blues No 2

Hey mr conductor: Let me ride your train
I want to play your yo play your yo: Play your yo?yo

You don't let me on: I'm going to ride the blinds
You wants to yo?yo bob: But you know this train you
Know this train ain't mine

I know a man: His age was fifty?four
Oh he didn't do nothing: But play with his yo play
With his yo?yo

I like to yo?yo: Yes both night and day
Some folks say it's hard work: But me it's famous me
It's famous play

You may be blue: And way down in the depths
Go play your yo?yo: Your yo?yo your little yo?yo will

When you hear them yelling: Up and down the hall
Don't get uneasy: They's playing yo?yo playing yo?yo
That's all

I got a gal: She sure is big and fat
Let's yo?yo bob: Because it's tight because it's tight
Like that

I'm just a traveler: I've got to leave this squat
You want to yo?yo mama: Call on barbecue call on
Barbecue bob