Barbecue Bob

We Sure Got Hard Times

Got a song to sing you: And it's no excuse
And as sure as the devil: I believe he's got a?loose

[When] you want a drink of liquor: You think it's awful
You put your hand in your pocket: And you ain't got the

You hear about a job: Now you is on your way
Twenty mens after the same job: All in the same old day

Hard times hard times: We [sure] got hard times now
Just drink and think about it: We got hard times now

You start in mooching: But your mooching been in vain
Be careful with yourself: You'll get a ball and chain

Lord and bacon: Gone to a dollar a pound
Cotton have started to selling: But it keeps going down
And down

Just before election: You was talking about how you was
Going to vote
And after election was over: Your head's down like a