Barbecue Bob

She's Gone Blues

When you were down: Sick down on your bed
Know bobby brought you your medicine: Also brought you

You is up today: Looking good again
I knocked on your door: Wouldn't even let me in

But the sun going to shine: Once more in my back door
It's true I love you sweet mama: But you can't mistreat
Me no more

I was standing at the terminal: Arms fold up and cried
Crying I wonder what train: Taking that brown of mine

And I run to the telephone: Took the receiver down
I said hello central: Give me doctor brown

My baby looks for me: At any old hour at night
No matter when I go there: She's never turning off her

Mmm: Lord lord lord
You womens in atlanta: Treat your men like your dog

Before this time brown: Maybe another year
I'll be up the country: Drinking that cool can beer