Barbecue Bob

Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name

Going up to town: What you want me to bring you back
Oh just anything: You think your baby like

Honey honey: You sweet as a plum
Baby you throw your arms around me: Let's have some fun

Going up to town: With my hat in my hand
I'm looking for the woman: Ain't got no man

Mama mama: Just look at sis
Standing on the corner: Trying to do the twist

Come here sis: You old stinking sow
You trying to be a woman: And you don't know how

Ain't but two things: I just like
That's salting the dog: And balling the jack

Wears them in the summer: And she wears them in the fall
Some folks: They don't wear them at all

Honey honey: I'm going to tell you the truth
The day you quit me: That's the day you die