Barbecue Bob

Doin' The Scraunch

Down in dixie: There's a dance that's new
Ain't much to it: It is easy to do

You wiggle and you wobble: And you move it around
Ball the jack: And you go to town

I know a gal: By name of lizzie brown
She do that scraunch: She's the best in town

She steps so fast: And she steps so light
Find her doing that scraunch: On a saturday night

My little gal: Know what scraunching means
Showed her once: Now she's a scraunching queen

Grandma and grandpa: At the age of eighty?three
They's the best scraunchers: You ever see

Standing on the levee: In new orleans
Find the best scraunchers: The world ever seen

Got the right step: You move it just right
You do that scraunch: And it's just too tight

I've got a gal: By the name of blind lemon mack
She do that scraunch: It's good like that