Barbarous Pomerania

Stojgniew - Son of Slavia

Born from this land
Different but still Slavonic blood
Hearing urge of Ancient Gods
Growned into Hero
Man who has created new thought
Myth for his nation and land
Wished to progress,power and glory
Imperium of great Slavia
Created new history
Will of Creation changed in act
This is his plan of activities
Cleanse from christianity, bring the power back
In Heart of Polish Folk
Slavonic race must have push forward like panzer tank
To create culture art
Civlization of strong wolf's warriors
Heros in difficulties
Who marching straight to the target
whole his life he fought for that Myth
Red sticke and hammer
effeminate him and taken his life
But His bright Idea
Still have loyal adherents
Stojgniew! although you are buried under cold soil
You have your detachment soldiers of culturism