Psychotic War

I cannot live throught this times
It's hide in my face, how can leave this behind
This moster I've feed consumes my past
I know I must forgive, but it's hard I'm doing my best

Destroyed by heartache
Love is my desire yeah
This trying keeps in vain
Psychotic war, in my brain

I thought that time would leave my pain
But it's growing inside me, I am drowning again
It's a ballad of suicide game
I'm dying for love her and no one can save me

Destroyed by heartache
Love is my desire shit
This trying is in vain
Goddam I have to change

This suffered life is slashing me
To love is a cycle of resistance
Destroyed by heartache
My intolerance must fade

I've already catched the signs
I've already Swallow my pride
It never hurts like before
It's another pain to bore
It's already painted in my eyes
There's something killing me inside
My chest will explode here
Someone like her just isn't real
Isn't Real
Isn't Real
Isn't Real
Psychotic war I feel