Banda Champion

The Truth

I know the pain, I feel it too and it's tearing us
Can you take a breath, push it aside
And pick yourself back up?

You know that the choice to live your life
Lies in the palm of your hand

You've got the answers you need, just look inside

So much at stake, can't waste our time chasing
We never set
We know that the choice to live our lives
Lies in the pals of our hands

And with the struggles faced just to make it through
the day
Stepped out of line and found a better way
So much at stake and we can't let our lives pass us
And the only ones we'll ever chase
Are the standards that we set

Now's the time to leave all our mistakes behind
Because we've found the only truth we'll ever need
Every struggle faced and choices made will see us
The words we've said, the promises kept
Is the only truth we need