Banda Cartoon

The Golden Chariot


Riding the morning sun
I can't be late, I have a gift for everyone
I'll pass you by and I'll kiss your lips
And give you things you never thought that could exist
Finding you on your way
Faster than you cold blink an eye!

Birds from the break of dawn
Caress my face, I follow them and hear their song
And all the world is completely new!
The clouds are gone the sun is up, the wind is still
Soon you will be your way
Fastar than one could say goodbye...bye...faster tha a kiss goodbye

It rises in the sky!
A billion people with eyes gone blind
No time now ti disguise
'cause my eyes can see right through you
Now all of your feelings are mine!

It rises...It rises...

I brought a brand new day
And there's so much more to say
But not now...