Banda Betamax



There's a girl in my city
She's young such a pity
My mind keeps telling me
I shouldn't go
But i'm falling in love
With her style and her glow
And i definetly know
That i'm going to crack
But her name i won't tell you
My god, i won't tell you
For i am not gonna lose her

Oh oh oh
Her name is pamela
I told you, i know it
But no
I know that you're not
Good enough for her

I was staring and waiting
And already shaking
As she slowly left, coming out of the door
She looked at my face
With a smile full of grace
Jumped in my car
And we drove to the way of love

Oh oh oh
I'm dating pamela
And i want to show her off
To the world
Pamela no one's
Gonna tear us apart

I'm on a highway
Heading to the countryside
Pamela and i
Are waiting for the sun to rise
Our love is shining
Like a bright new star
This is the greatest moment
Of my life
Pamela that's because of you