Banda Beck

Not always is distant

Not always is distant
Sometimes i hate to feel like that
'Cause he is the hurricane in the middle of disaster
A natural disaster
That makes me feel bad
Far is far
But it's not always distant
Could you say who i'm?
Only you know me so well
You could say what i'm thinking
Just by looking
Just by looking
L-O-V-E i wouldn't know how to pronunce
Whithout hearing you
Why does he let me sleeping alone? hm...
He is the only one
Yeah! i find myself in you
What are you thinking?
I wold like to share this vision
To have dinner with you
Or only look at you
For the eternity
Oh! yeah... forever and ever
Sickly desire
Can it be worse?
So close but so far
It is ironic, don't you think so?