Burning Krypt (with 2wice and 4-tray)

Spoken intro]
"'ey n-gga."
"Get this sh-t right...they call this crypt right here.
This some real crypt tonight, right."
"C'mon, this ain't no motherf-cking crypt, fool."
"Man, that's crypt, n-gga! That ain't no ordinary light green n-gga,
that sh-t lie you on your BACK!"
"Everybody be talkin' about they got that crypt, man..
n-gga, that's real crypt, that ain't no light sh-t.."
"Got 'em.."
"Wha.. wha.."
[Heavy breathing in BG during next line]
"Damn, boy, wake up! What the f-ck happened?
Told this n-gga to be careful man!
I told this stupid ass n-gga this was crypt, man!
He can't f-ck with this!"
[Breathing stops]
[Melodically spoken]
"You betta be careful if you're burnin' crypt.."
[Beat kicks in]
I'ma burning crypt till I get tire'
Earning my crypt till I retire
Don't fiends(?) smoke green
Run and get your lighter
Don't trip off the hit
'cause you're out of fire
Now cut through the jam, with B-Legit
Everytime smoke some tight, we be's get lit
From back on the ground, I see's a grip
On the tracks with my 9', that be on the hit
Trip, I might slip, rips some leverage(?)
Flip, a nice fake, gets some cabbage(?!)
From who, hey look at so(?), man, her feet(?)
Come through!.. meet me at the hotel negro..(??)
I'm slacking, cut the chat, bust my single
I got choose from these fools, plus my rings glow (?)
Cause 2wice about the passion, with the iced-out necklace
and hit the crypt that puts your lights out in a second
Don't mess with the 2wice 'cause it's scintilating(?)..
now you're hyperventilating
How you like the penetration, of this grade a humble, n-ggas made a
I'm in the sixth hump with six blunts, and n-ggas got rumble!
(Repeat Chorus x2)
I smack crypt by the (-finger)?, kiss the green
Back-to-back Phillies like a damn machine
I got lean on me for ..shut up, make it not(??)
And sleepy-ass 40(?) till your ass destroyed
Avoid the test, take other routes
I got a gang of spots they wanna know about
I'm slo-mo high doin' 63
And a n-gga on crypt gettin' high like me
It's a puffed-up game so a I stay heated
Don't like no stress, so I stay weeded
Been breathin', down since the grass roots
Get off that sh-t, I fast chew(?)
Luke get made, Puff's like the game
Thunderbird mixed with grape kool-aid
I serves motherf-cker when it comes to smoke
B-Legit and 2wice burnin' crypt from oak
[Repeat chorus x2]
Stickin' green, Bombay galore
Sh-t, I'm like a kid up in a candy store
N-gga, inhale, exhale, 'till it's all smoked up
We breakin' down clusters 'till they all broke up
Twisted, gettin' lifted off the crypt tonight
With 2wice and B-Legit we gon' be ripped tonight
Can't be accountable for saddest actions, high like this,
there ain't no tellin' how n-ggas gon' be actin', who gon' be blastin',
We blazin, and hit the highway, one-on-one
Some smoke zags(?), some smoke blunts
I smoke bombs(?), and they can't do nothin' for me
Ask your neighboorhood weed man, playa, I'm sure he know me
The n-gga who be comin' for the fees(?) and sh-t
Smokin' like a train, fool I'm always lit
Let's fade up in the shade, and let the Phillies blaze
With your boy 4-Tay*, that's how we do it in the bay, n-gga
[x4, lines in parantheses spoken during repetition]
We got the right to smoke, and will select
You know the haters can't stand us, but give us respect
(Give the mic)
(Got the crypt tight)
(That crypt tonight)
(That light green tonight)
(You n-ggas ain't knowin')
(Lay your ass right)
(Bay area we got crypt)
(Yeah yeah, that Northern bay man..)
(Hey, hey, you be comin' through with that..)
(I'm not doin' one more thing man..)
(That Canadian man)
(Where the f-ck you get that sh-t from n-gga!?)
(Ha ha ha.. that's it right there)
(You know..)
[Continues indistinct; convo. between 4-tay and B-legit]
(Check this out)
(It's crackin' like)
[Instrumental 'till end]