Anchors & chains

Hey if someone's with her
Please pal let me go
But if she sleeps alone
Then let me in

I'll tell her that stoned i came
For i hate wastin' time
Unless i'm ready
And handsome enough to turn her on

(back from the dark to dawn
As the blessing shines upon you
As the blessing shines all around)

Yeah i'm like a whore
Supported on a stick
Don't stop playing tricks
Aren't they all so sweet

Free those anchors and chains
Set your full canvans flying
It's me who's crying
Sail out on your trades again

(and late much later
Humidity falls on a turkish town
On tiny boxes with spotted facades
And the constantly turned on lights
Below the canal district's ladies of the evening
All our friends have died long ago
Before they got their big chance
There's only the two of us
Left to go trough all that shit