Time to go

Thru the crystal of my tears
I see your eyes avoiding mine
There's a fire in my eyes
You could never stare at them
Now your face is, hidden back, the door
Seeing me with compassion
Feelings breaking me down

Your shadow seems to disappear
Once again your hair dance slowly
Embraced with the cold wind of this dark night
Showing me that is time to

I breathe deeply trying to
Feel you in the air but
Now the air is drowning me
A dense fog blinds all my senses
I try to walk away,
waiting that you find my way soaked in blood
the door still closed
my hands begin to shake


Hearing the echo of my desolate soul
I cling to the floor, wetting it with my sweat
Trying to find your eyes in the reflection of the moon
No longer I belong to this place
I begin to walk?.