Lost in the darkness of my loneliness
Close your eyes and let me take away your pain
Who is the one that woo my blinded eyes?
Search the core of your anguished soul.

Could be this the end of my pain
and those days of loneliness?
Surrounded by people I never met
I'm trying to find my way
In my blinded faith

Now; take my hand till the end
and join our destiny
with my blood in your veins
your pain will go away
for you and for me
no more silent screams When the ritual begins
can you see what I mean

Now that the sunshine is just a lost dream
Twilight comes to you, lose the fear of death
Yes, i`m ready to leave my body back
One by one we'll lead them to our destiny

Come and take out my tears
In this days of loneliness
Surrounded by people I never met
Take me to another place
Make me born again

Now, that you take my hand
The ritual has begun
With my blood in your veins
Your soul belongs to me
Black chains will surround
Your soul but all your pain
Won't be in vain
Don't you see what you did?