Parade Of Animality

Morning as dark as a dungeon
Shocked, I get out of my coffin
Bedsores on my naked body
Shriekin' people sound scary
Carnival of blood and flesh...
Creatures stumblin' down the street
Seems everything they want to eat
Barely I can hear my heart beat

F*** that... Cannibalism's celebrated
F*** that... Patricide's ritual
F*** that... Morality's wasted
Life comes to be fatal

Someone is shredin' her children
Another one's scalpin' a priest
Rib cages hung on the walls
Beauties are murdered by beast

Mutant monsters crawlin' to me
Parade of animality
Pumpin' gore in vein of fury
Genocide is all that I see

Glorify assassination
F*** that... in the name of Lord
F*** that... Decay time for nations
F*** that... Freaks have been fed by dogma