Calling Your Bluff

Well where is the love i used to know
We used to be brothers now nothing to show

Where is the heart we all let go
I'm waking up from this nightmare i'm living in

I'm sorry that i'm so far from perfect, but this is who i am,
And none of you can change that, so take your pathetic excuses and bring them to the grave where they belong

This is a mess, a tragedy at best, but i'm
Holding on to make this right

Why can't you see that this is killing me,
This hopeless sense of love you gave me

This ain't reality, just false apology, i'm sorting through the lies of those deceiving eyes, so if you're real with me, give reason to believe, 'cause i need to know by now,
Are you with me!

Gang vocals
(all hands on deck tonight, so grab a hold if you're
With it, we are prepared to fight, our guns are locked and loaded)