Azari & III

Into The Night

It's been a long long ride
Since i felt this way about someone
You got me feeling so high
It's no wonder, you're the one

Forever we stay strong
Through these modern times
Nothing could ever go wrong
We got the will to survive

So let's get it on
Am i getting through
Letting loose
Going wild
It's what i want you to do

I need you, i want you tonight
I feel you, don't put up a fight
Talking 'bout me, talking 'bout you, talking 'bout us
And what you'd do to me
It's just to much


I know i got you burning up inside
It's something you can't hide
You know you got to get into the night
Live like you were light

Wanna get it
Wanna get it up allright
Gonna get in
Gonna get into the night

Can't stop this feeling for you
It's just the way that you are
The things that you do
The way that you move
When our bodies conect
In a sensual groove

I know i got you
Burning up inside
Can't stop this feeling for you