Roam The Night

The mystic winds of the magic night
enchants me in the moonlight.
As a creature of the dark, I am the infant of the night.
With raven eyes I scatter gnomes haunting in the scenery,
raging the night again and again
I roam the night monstrously!

Possessed by obscure thoughts
Cruelty consumes my soul like a flame
... of thousand fires!

Solemn nights within nights
have I transcended,
a fog of fire surrounds me...

I become a breed of the infinite evil
that breathe-in at dusk
and breathe-out at dawn!

For so many years
have I admired the ceremonies of night,
the moonlight and the powers of darkness.
Finally can I detach myself
from the human chains!

"One once carried by the night,
will carry the night within his soul
for eternal time!"