The Ancient Arrival

Long ago, the sun goes down
The Great Spirit
Earth sun sky and the sea
Growing among the time (in the dark)

King of kings
Remember the time when I walking
Into your path of lies
The Pan light reverses my path to true (a new life)
?and I rise
My new soul
All the fears upon my control
Walking for a new life
Lost before
Come to another dream, to another path, to another place
Where I living alone in the dark
Come to the underworld, to the emptiness, to the other side
You'll find the truth about your own

The time is come to attack the land
With the spirit of fire my kingdom comes
The dreams before the cosmic times
All the ancients' arrival by my side

Spirits of Forests
Follow me
Across the river to the seas
Waves are crushing but water is blood
Spirits of hunger
Come to me

I am ear in the dark
Crushing and killing Christians
Breed I breed all the air
Suffocating and despair
Crush I crush all the priests
Blood by blood, flesh by flesh
Ancient ones come again
Destroy all this cynical and disease
Turn again the sea blue, the grass green and the animals live again?..