Christian Scum

For long ago, in winter darkness,
was born a child of Jesus Christ,
to save, (but) pain, torture,
so many deaths along that time, for me?
A new age, has been created,
by the Reich who's born, self called Jesus Christ,
smash and kill, rape and burn,
children and women, only for fun of this leader,
over two thousand billions dead,
was caused by the Christian hunts,
where priests burn, (but now) nobody can stop,
my fury, when your silence turns a fire war,
let me see the dreams before,
when the people out start to rise,
a crown starts to fly,
let then age of rotting and blood,
and you'll rise against that soul,
let me as one to kill?.False messiah, with false dogmas,
corrupting people, for money and for glory,
they build churches, institutions and countries,
with the blood and silence caused by death,
if you want to go to heaven, you are scum. ???????.
lose and win, rotting bodies, just beginning again,
remember the coming war,
the flesh of your God is the blood in my hands, ~
and the burning of churches, are all by my command,
for remember who I am, I am the dead of God.