Atlantis Descendent

Father neptune leaves our land
And opens wide the seas
The lukewarm breeze does beckon me
As it whispers though the trees
(it says) set your force and let me
Take your power to the shores
Take farewell of those near you
And your land of the seas the wild cold blue deep ocean waves invite my hungry heart
Cry not my love i will return
Only death can keep us apart
Neptune in waters cold and deep
Let the power of yours fly to guide us on our sail to the forgotten shores
The wind blows thought my pallid face
And fills our sails with hope
Caress these lines of oak winds
Do not throw us all to die the wild cold blue deep ocean waves as high as the sky above
Come to us gods of the sea
Don't take us down beckon
Carrying cold steel at our side
No time to lose on earth
We attack the ground by surprise
Down the coast lines
With the water we reign
Gods of water lightning rain
The winds of fury
Whispers our name
Pounding, pounding
Of hoofs and wheels
Forks of water
At your heals swords of steel
Held up high darkened strikes
From blackened skies
Seeds and honey
Milk and blood
Sacrifice to the water god
Centuries of pain and sorrow
Created by christian race
Detonated by our tribe
Is now another world
Another place