Mirror Of Dreams

I feel his shadow looming over me
Leaving me defeated and confused
His eyes still haunt me, if only I?d done more
Maybe I gave up on him too soon?
I share your sorrow, but we are not to blame
His heart has always been a mystery

We?ll never fathom, we?ll never understand
Did he ever need us, were we real
Or mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?
What holds his future, how will he survive?
Without us to save him from himself
Where has he run to, will he return?
I hope he knows I wish him well

It?s up to him now, there?s nothing we can do
I fear we cannot give him what he needs
Are we but phantoms inside his tangled mind?
Will he ever need us, are we real?
Ore mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?