Eyes Of Time

[a. eyes of time]

it slowly dawns on ayreon that these visions he is experiencing
are visions of the future but he does not fully comprehend
their importance yet.

i cannot see with these eyes
my world is dark
like a cold eternal night

i could not tell you no lies
my words are lost
in a shroud of mysery

tell me what you see
i cannot tell you now
i see the world through the eyes of time
tell me what you feel
i wouldn't know how
i cannot free my mind
from the eyes of time

i do not know where i am
i'm lost in time
drifting in eternity

i cannot tell if it's real
or fantasy
or a view of things to come

i'm still trying to understand
why do i see the things i see
could it be a future world
that's warning us through me
i'm still trying to understand
why do i know the things i know
doe it mean i'm a god
will nobody tell me so?

[b. brainwaves]

it all gets too confusing for ayreon and the thin line between
illusion and reality fades.