The Teory of Everything Phase I: Singularity

The dew of morning still glistens on the salt grass
That grows along the foundation of the old lighthouse
I isn't in active service anymore, but has been renovated
To serve as a private dwelling

High in the tower inside, a young man is slumped
On the floor in the corner of the room, apparently
In some kind of trance. Somebody has put
A blanked over him. He is deadly pale, but the steady
Almost imperceptible rise and fall of his chest shows
That he still clings to life. Standing next to him are young
Woman and an older man
Both are obviously shocked and distressed

Their frequent glances toward the door
Give the impression that they're waiting for someone
Who is yet to arrive. On the wall next to them is a blackboard
Covered with impenetrable mathematical equations
The older man is holding a crumpled piece of paper
It appears to be a note scribbled in haste
By an unsteady hand. What follows here is the story of what happened."

Will we ever understand
This complex genius
This visionary thinker
Will we ever get this close again
Uniting the forces
Of our universe

Will we ever understand
His isolation
Or his sense of wonder
We will never get this close again
It?s been too long?
I think he?s gone

The father, a brilliant scientist, has devoted
his life to finding the theory of everything
the equation that will fully explain and unite
all physical forces of the universe
He's obsessively working day and night
unaware that his wife and introverted son
need far more attention that he has been
giving them. The mother has always supported
her husband's scientific pursuits, but the strain
of dealing with their asocial child's special needs
has worn her down to the point of desperation."

I'm so close to the answer
A dazzling symphony of cosmic strings
I feel the pulse, vibrating just out of reach
The music of space
One single master equation
Unification of the great and small
I hear the notes but the arrangement is wrong
And I'm starting to doubt, but I can't give up now I'm so near

Can't you see that I need you out here?
And what about our boy?
I think he's got something to give
What secrets lie... Beyond these hollow eyes?
I'm sorry you feel neglected
But it's clear that you don't understand
I'm aware, and I want to be there
I just need some more time, for the answer is blindingly near

Are you trying to drive us away
Just when we need you most?
You might find he's got something to give
What secrets lie... Beyond these eyes?

"The son is so withdrawn because his mind
is overwhelmed by analyzing the chaotic stimuli
of the world around him, and the mathematical
patterns he sees in everything - even in nature
His brain seems to operate on a completely different
level than other people's. There is something
very special about him, indeed."

"The mother is determined to connect
with the prodigy, but he is completely unresponsive
He is simply incapable of relating to her emotionally
even though on some level he wants to."

Talk to me

I know you?re there, but I won?t see you
I hear your voice but it can?t reach me

Let me in

It all seems so trivial
In the scheme of things

Talk to me

I feel your touch but it can?t move me
I hear your words but they confuse me

Let me in

It all comes to nothing
In the scheme of things

Patterns emerge in nature?s dance
Numbers are born in the wheel of chance
Why do I see this?
What does it mean to me?

A grand design in all its majesty
Vibrating strings, quantum gravity
Why was I chosen?
What does it mean to me?
Tell me why!

"7 Years ago

As the students work on a test in science class
a gust of wind from the open window blows
a paper full of math equations off the teacher's desk
Unnoticed by the teacher, it lands at the prodigy's feet
Already having finished the test, he picks up the paper
His face lights up as he begins writing."

I can?t believe? this can?t be true.
How could you know?
I?ve tried to solve this
For as long as I recall

Is this your work? Be honest now
How did you do it?
I?m not angry, boy
But I really need to know

I?m sorry, sir, I can?t explain
It?s the way I?ve always been
You see, the numbers just appear
Before my eyes

Don?t believe hi, no! He is envious!
I?ve felt it from the start
In every class, I?ve always been the genius
And he just wants to be like me

Don?t let him deceive you
He?s nothing but a fake
A sad pretender
Trying to take my place
Don?t let him deceive you
He?s nothing but a fake
A sad pretender
A total waste of space

"Why is the rival constantly bulliying the prodigy?
And why is the girl compelled to protect him?"

Why do you torment him, are you jealous?
There must be a reason you?re so cruel
What have you got against him?
Does he scare you?
What did he ever do to you?

Oh no, I can?t believe
You?re falling for this loser
Oh no, I thought you knew
That I am so much cooler!

Why do you despise him, are you frightened?
Are you being driven by your pride?
I think you feel threatened by his brilliance
But still you admire him, deep inside

Oh no, I can?t believe
You?re falling for this loser
Oh no, I thought you know
That I am so much cooler!
Oh no, I always thought
That we should be together
Oh no, I really think
That you can do so much better

[Uilleann pipes: Troy donockley
Violin: Ben mathot
Modular moog solo: Keith emerson
Synthesizer solo: Jordan rudess
Low whistle: Troy donockley]

"The teacher visits the father
bringing him surprising news about his son."

I?m glad you could meet me
I?m here about your son
I?ve never seen a mind like his
Especially so young

He?s got a gift for numbers
Never known before
An outstanding genius
Who shouldn?t be ignored

You must be mistaken
He?s useless and he?s weak
I see no sign of genius
The boy can hardly speak

He just sits there, lifeless
For hours at a time
No expression on his face
His eyes staring into space!

How can you be so heartless
There must be so much more that we can do
Who are you to judge me,
You don?t even know what we?ve been through!
Just give him more attention
You?ll see there?s more to him than meets the eye

Fine! I?ll try to help the child
Better not wasting my time!
"5 Years ago

The prodigy wants to improve his relationship
with his father, but doesn't know how to reach out."

Are you trying to drive me away?
Just when I need you most.
I think? I?ve got something to give
I just don?t know? how?

"The mother and the father agree
to enlist and outside expert to help
with their son, but their motivations to do so couldn't be more different."
We need to take him to therapy
Help him function in society

It's worth a try, who knows...
He could help me complete
The theory of everything

A future to build
A role to fulfill
Something to give
A reason to live