Lord Of Dreams

When you wake up that night
you were dreaming of affictions and pain
There's nothing to say but you think
"This is just a dream"
There's nothing behind
Your life has turned to an end
Lost of surprises, you know,
they'll feed your hungry soul

Behind the dreams there's a truth
Although dreams come at night it's day
when they become true

There's a lord of dreams, a Lord of dreams
I know. There's a Lord of dreams
He's preparing a place for you

He is the one who can take your life away
Remember, my friend, that reasons don't come before the day
This Lord of dreams can make you shut your eyes
Back into darkness he'll
take you, making you feel insane
The light divides night and day
Although fear makes you cry
don't let your dreams astray

[solo Fernande]
[solo Leandro]

The Lord of Dreams can really shut your eyes
Forever and ever he'll make you
get into despair
But time will teach you the truth
Although dreams make you fight
Don't let your dreams go away