Ayin Aleph

Valpurgis Night

Black cats on the snow
Celebrate the night of Valpurgis;
And at this ime you know I prepare my Genesis

I wanna kiss your mind
When you sleep beside me.
The moon starts to be blind When I jump in love.

My love in the sky falls in a fairyland
With a brightsensation that has no end.
When a demon is crying, I make wine with his tears,
When a witch is flying, It brings lust to my fears.

And now that I embrace your faith,
With the blue blood of my tears.
All my wishes fly away from death,
And ;ive high above our ears.

The icy Queen's given her invitation
To a world with lots of frustration.
We'll listen to music till' the End of Nights,
While Heaven sways our sighs.

We will sleep in the Forest
Near the black beauty of lakes.
Now we live in a love crest,
With the peace God makes.