Ayin Aleph

Sebastian's Prayer

So far, so nude,
I can't elude
What was so crude.
We've spread our souls in a mad existence.

It's always,
When the chorus of my needs screams,
When the passion of my blood streams,
That I kiss the dark face of my pains.

"Meine Schmerzen" Have you ever once been betrayed?
I dive in a remembrance of my maze,
I feel incarnation of your gaze.

Take me under your oceans;
Bear in me back-side emotions;
Blow on me crystal intuitions;
Bursting light eruptions burn my hell.

Your cries cover me.
Your hands let me see
Your grace is bleeding on my face.

Trumpets of my joys frightening images,
Sounding in my bliss through the ages,
I have always known that I want you

Old grey stones of my marriage,
Hurricanes of your ghost,
Tumble from the years of my lives.