Maniac you dirty villain
Where does it get you all that killin'
Maniac death's night friend
We're gonna get you in the end (repeat x2)

Running fast ferre and lost
Maniac choses his victim
You won't know what he's like
When you try to beat him
Killing cruel sharp and sudden
Murder is his one delight

Chorus(repeat x2)

Maniac he's cool and deadly
A lost death scream in the night
Screwin' as a waxy viper
He strolls along the city roads
Biting as a bloodless vampire
Always eager to cut throats
Darkness is his only friend
A woman his obsession
First he's polite and very kind
Before he gets to action
Stabbed bodies bursted heads
Form his deadly trail

Chorus(repeat x2)

Scalps of preys all wide spread
They know he can't fail
Laughing at your mortal fear
When he catches sight of you
He strikes fast without a care
It doesn't matter what you do

Chorus(repeat x2)