Lil' Flow

Hell I don't feel like yelling I just fell in the well
and I got to redo my will and fill me out a shit load of paper work for my new ford explorer
so take ya silly ass words out my life for I don't give a damn I got to much god damn fame to deal with ya lame ass self dude back on down you ain't got no game
so lets all just go to hell and stop yelling
I got more felonies then OJ the police just lay around with their crazy ass lazy self and smell daisies and talk about fairy tales
I know this one cop his name is Joe he busts Hoes for he ain't got no real Foes his four yellow ass teeth remind me off lemon flavor Jell-O
So lets go after Ja Rule and make his bodily fluids flow to da floor
hey where is my jo lo that girl knows how to get low.
Yo Bush watch out cuz I am going crush ya tush and flush it down the toilet with a fresh flow of rhymes that will sound like crimes ill even take a picture and frame it up with your lame ass self on it in da white house
Man this world is fucked up it comes up with so many Fads they just make me mad and sometimes make me sad ill just take a glad bag and wear it over my face and create a new fad
Hey yall I got a deal lets get real and reflect on how we feel about getting a rap careers could you stand up on that stage with 10,000 peepz wit no fear happening or would you be hanging from a tree like a pear or shittin bricks in your jeans that just got cleaned
I once knew this really fine and very kind girl .
She had a big ass but my homie Taz backed it up first.
Aite well I am out see all ya nasty ass hoes later.