Let Me Die

Move over I'm gonna freak out
Wanna cry & laugh,I'm gonna shout
I feel good & bad at the same time
Right now my life ain't worth a dime
I'm a broken dream,no more love machine
I've been around & I know the sound
When a broken heart hits the ground
You feel like dirt,a worn - out shirt
Just let me die
Blood is pumping through my veins
I'm on the loose since I broke my chains
I want to ride like a bat out of hell
Burning tyres is what I want to smell
The rain is falling,the wind's a howling
The ripper's calling & it's time to go
Leave me alone,I wanna die on the road
Once it's over & done,you'll find my note
Just let me die
Just let me die
I can't explain you how it feels
Miles of highway slipping under my wheels
I feel like a statue,I don't wanna move
No walls,no ceiling,the sky's my roof
It's almost over but the end is the worst
It's the last time I'll see the sunburst
Taste the wate & smell the air
Nothing left but anger & fear
Just let me die