Back Off

My rhymes are radical.
They are fat.
They are raps that some saps just can?t handle give me a candle and peace of paper and lets write a rhyme and make it sound like a crime now back off before
I send my hound dog on your ass aite frog.
I think I should just choke you and stick a fork up your ass.
Or get Larry on your hairy ass send Taz right along with him.
You wanna write with me you wanna be my pen pal well pal I should push you and watch you fall down the well but make sure you put me in your will first.
I am fast back off before you have to wear a cast because I sent outkast on your lazy ass.
I got mad rhymes they hurt so much I think they make you sad you fag.
Now Killaz don?t play he killz now back the fuck off or I hack ya up.
Trust me I would slash you up in a flash.
Now I don?t wanna have a clash with you but if you keep getting in my way ill have to hunt you down and cut you up.
Like I do to my steak. Ight homes I am out ill see ya laterz hoez