Accidental Charm

Sweet Little You

My head's in a fog and I cannot see
What lies in the future for poor little me
Time has kept flowing but things haven't changed
Except for my mind which has been re-arranged

(Chorus) Here is a thought for you to keep near
Oh, keeper of wisdom, destroyer of fear
The light in your eyes saves him who is lost
In a weary, old boat, on a sea that is tossed
The joy that you give has many returns
That which she spends is that which she earns
Mission accomplished, if I have pulled through
It's all because of sweet little you

The pattern's been set, conclusions forgone
But there's still time for changing the road that you're on
'Cause hopeful denial's just faith in disguise
I'll always have faith in beautiful eyes


Tomorrow's enlightenments: Yet to be taught
A younger man's solace?but who would've thought
That ten years gone the song would remain
Guess it's nobody's fault but the fool in the rain

My mind has grown older, I feel its decay
My heart has turned black, the sky has turned gray
So tell me you get out just what you put in
And tell me I'm not just a victim of whim


Has the light of your presence finally lit the way?
When talk turns to living and night turns to day
Will the morning's sky really be blue?
Can ephemeral dreams turn out to be true?