Accidental Charm

Cherry Run

All was told - in the cold
We tore our secrets to pieces

List'ning hard - 'cross that yard
Something is there in the shadows
Something we saw that began it all

Then I knew - this was fate
How I'd fall - couldn't wait
Didn't care - what they'd say
It was true - anyway
Am I just - in a cloud?
Both of us - laugh out loud
When it all - had begun
There at Cherry Run

Don't look back - don't lose track
Once swimming, now drowning, fighting

Saving face - new disgrace
Nothing like pleasure subsiding
Nothing like me what I used to be

Then I found - but too late
How I'd fall - wouldn't wait
Didn't care - what I'd say
It was gone - anyway
Am I just - one of them
If I'm worse - then condemn
When it all - came undone
There at Cherry Run

I'll have to live with this - I know, I know, I know
Some things you can't dismiss - I know, I know, I know

So I chose - to debate
Watch me fall - watch me wait
Didn't care - now you say
It was wrong - anyway
Am I just - losing time?
Or have I - lost my mind?
What's it like - in the sun?
There at Cherry Run

There at Cherry (there at Cherry)
There at Cherry Run

It's too late - near daybreak
Rising sun - Cherry Run