[Verse 1]
Bring to life my fading dreams
Pave the road that leads to change
Clear my conscience tonight
Fill the void inside of me
Heal these eyes so I can see
I want it to be you

Before tonight is over
Say goodbye forever
Give my life to you
(My old ways are no good)
Before my dreams are shattered
And I can't remember
My way back to you
Give it all to you

[Verse 2]
Yesterday when I was
Sinking down and almost gone
Your lifeboat rescued me
I was weak and fading fast
But you then gave me hope to last
I know that it was you

The surrender I felt
When I gave you my heart
Left me standing praying for the rain

Before tonight is over
Before my dreams are shattered
I'll bring it back (to me)
Back... (to you)
Back... (to me)
To you!