It Was Love

The angels stood in awe at the sight
They saw the night you were betrayed
You could have saved yourself but
You held back the heavens
And let them carry you away
You laid your kingdom down they handed you
A crown of thorns you were torn but cried
Let your will be done

It wasn?t nails that held you to the
Cross it was love, it was love,
It was your love
You took our place carried our guilt
And shame all for us, all for us,
All for us it wasn?t nails that held you, it was love

To think you chose this cup knowing
All that was to come oh the grace
That poured from you
Before your final breathe through your tears you said
Forgive them for they know not what they do
You looked up to the sky let out a final
Cry it is done, hope has won,
Lord let your kingdom come