[verse 1]
Wake up, it's time to go, we're getting out of here
The leaves are falling down, it's another year
Ahead the open road and we're not afraid
Lift up the main sail, it's time to start the race
A little faster now, we're gonna set the pace
Walking on the waves that are crashing down
Will we sink or swim?

Let's go
And now we're moving fast
We're gonna take on the world
And hold nothing back
Here we go
You're running next to me
We will giver our lives
To gain everything

[Verse 2]
Listen up now, open eyes will see
They are falling down into their misery
There are no open roads, so they can run free
But here we are with so much to say
Who's gonna follow us if we don't lead the way?
Pack up your bags
We're gonna leave this place behind