All Because of You

[verse 1]
I'd love to tell You something You've never heard
It's not gonna happen
So where do I begin to look for the words?
To try and describe how
You walk beside us
Your grace defines us
And we belong to You

Hear all Your people singing
We bring a song of praise to You
Hear it coming through
You make the air worth breathing
You take the old and make it new
It's all because of You

[verse 2]
I can't explain the way that You change a heart
But I see the difference
And I'd give all that I have to know who You are
To live in Your presence
And join the chorus
Of believers
Learning how to worship You

Overtake us
Recreate us
Do with us what You want to
We are living
We are breathing
All because of You

Hear all Your children singing
We've come to show our love for You
'Cause You are the only reason that
We are living