Abandin All Hope

Smarten Up Sam

I feel deprived and i'm thinking
the noises that i'm making
the people who i live with are always uptight
and as a means to smarten up
i try to play a little softer
from singing very loud
to singing falsetto
or an octave down
supersonic hearing
a finger picking noise
and they're all annoyed
i'm not trying to be a victim
my ringer's on low
nobody's over
i'm alone, solo
don't wanna be a dick
don't wanna make you mad
but i just can't quit
sorry i'll shut the f**k up

as a means to smarten up
and there's nothing that'll put an end
to the fact that i think you're being
completely selfish
even though i know your logic's
always made sense to me

and i guess i'll just have to
sit myself down and
teach myself some discipline
ya ya sorry i'll shut the f**k up

i'll smarten up