Abandin All Hope

Party People

Well i'm sitting 'round here
thinking there's much better
than to sit around
doing nothing at all
so i make some calls
gather couple of people
tell 'em come and throw
another peoples' party with me

next thing you know
hello party to the people
and the punk music's f**king up
my ear drums
so i drink a couple beers
smoke a couple reefers
and i jump around
join the peoples' party with me

well i'm a happier man
'cause i'm doing something better
and everybody's cheering for me
ya i'm a happier man
and i don't need a babysitter
been throwing parties since i was three

next thing you know
hello party to the coppers
i'm a little f**ked up
i can't talk right now
next thing i remember
my house was taken over
that ain't gunna stop
the next peoples' party with me