Abandin All Hope

Numb Stuck Stumbling Drunk

The only thing i've seen
an empty glass
a polished row of memories
how could i forget it

i question my intent
this wasted not life
not thinking of tomorrow
i just don't get it

it's pointless to forgive
i f**ked it up
i f**ked it up forever
won't be the last time i fall
down and out again

please believe
my head is pounding
i'm slowly drowning
please believe
it doesn't matter
i'm sinking faster
to the bottom
i've seen it all before

can't take it make it stop

broken visions pass
go through my mind
will soon be lost forever
i won't regret it
i'm numb stuck stumbling drunk again

something's gunna break
too late cuz i am broken
something's gotta give
got nothing left for giving
soon i'm gunna crack