Abandin All Hope

Girls Fart Too

I tried so hard not to fart
'cause i thought you would leave
but i didn't know you had a
fetish for cheese
i wish that i knew
'cause then i'd have blew
i'd cook some burritos
save the best gas for you

for all you guys
who heard those lies
about girls never farting
all those rumors they were starting
but i evened the score
when i opened the door
she was in there for an hour
and i probably coulda showered ya

na na na
so here's the truth
i know that girls fart
na na na
ya here's the truth
'cause i saw a girl fart too

well you'd be crazy to think
that girls don't stink
but if you want it to last
you'd steer clear of her ass
you don't wanna see
so please take it from me
if you hear a girl fart it'll break
much more than your heart

when i heard the fart
it tore me apart
worse than catching her in bed
with her creepy uncle freddy
but needless to say
went our seperate ways
it was death do us part
'til she blew that fart
ooo la la la