Abandin All Hope

Dorm Phase

Just a month
'til i abort my dorm phase
and i'm sick of everything
i wish that i could
afford a mortgage
but i don't have anything

i've got a closet
full of dirty clothes
ten bucks a wash
think we're made of gold?
every couple weeks
i do 2 loads ya!
it wouldn't bug me if it
worked alright
if i never had to wait all night
or til morning for my clothes to dry ya!

the elevator
in our building blows
the funny sound it makes
who really knows
if the cable's going
to let go ya!
i'm gunna miss the
emergency stop
my sticky shoes
from the dried up pop
or every morning
when the thing locks up ya!

oh whoah
i'm f**king finally leaving
oh whoah
this place is so decieving
oh whoah
i'm f**king finally leaving